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This was a collaborative project with writer Angie Farrow, and fellow director Rachael Lenart. Together we weaved an examination of urbanity and humanity into a series of crystalline moments and expertly composed snapshots by internationally acclaimed writer Angie Farrow, which were viewed through a frame that was at times cinematic, choreographic and chaotic utilising an evocative set and lighting design by Natala Gwiazdzinski.

Director: Jaime Dörner / Rachael Lenart

Costume Design: Karen Newton

Set & Lighting Design: Natala Gwiazdzinski

Music Composition: Tasmin Prichard


“…the two directors have stitched this programme together seamlessly.  They and their actors ensure that this quirky, compressed and riveting pieces offer an experience that is richly layered, highly nuanced and thoroughly rewarding.”

-Richard Mays, Tribune


“Uncanny, light-hearted, brutal, witty … Each of these bonsai plays touches on a poignant desolation at the heart of the illusions from which we weave our lives, but raises a sense of liberation from the fatalism of attachment to those illusions. I’m back to the Zen references again. Forgive me. Go and see this!” (http://www.theatreview.org.nz/reviews/review.php?id=8007)


“… but for such short pieces to work successfully they need good direction and acting and in this production both are of the highest standard. Jaime Dorner and Rachel Lenart direct alternate pieces, each creating plenty of action to enhance the dialogue and often providing much needed tension within each play.” (http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/stage-and-theatre/67646352/together-all-alone-is-a-highly-entertaining-play)




Este montaje fué el resultado de una colaboración artística entre la escritora Angie Farrow, la directora Rachael Lenart y yo. Juntos le dimos una mirada a la vida en la ciudad, la “urbanidad” encapsulada en seis textos cortos de la escritora. El montaje fué en momentos cinemático y fuertemente coreografiado en el espacio, con un uso evocativo y caótico del espacio y la iluminación de la diseñadora Natala Gwiazdzinski.

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