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Director – Visiting artist, Massey University.

Massey University, Palmerston North City Council and Community Arts Palmerston North joined forces to create an artist residency in Palmerston North. The residency includes the direction of Shakespeare in the Park. For this project I directed King Lear, which I set in a freak show aesthetic.

Director: Jaime Dörner

Costume Design: Sarah Carswell

Set Design & Prosthetics: Leda Farrow

Music Composition: Suzy Hawes


“Well, surprise, surprise, this production – directed by Jaime Dőrner – really works. It’s clever in its quirkiness, it’s adequately (or better than adequately) well-acted, it’s well-cut so it doesn’t drag, and it is in its way very enjoyable… So, there’s some quite clever and courageous directing, to devise all this, and to bring it all together. This is, really, one of the most successful recent Summer Shakespeares I’ve seen.” (http://www.theatreview.org.nz/reviews/review.php?id=7896)



Production poster

Image: King Lear



Director – Artista en residencia, Massey University

Massey University, La municipalidad de Palmerston North y la Comunidad Artística de Palmerston North juntaron fuerzas para crear esta residencia. La residencia incluye, junto con enseñar en un par de cursos de verano en la Universidad la dirección de un texto de Shakespeare en el jardín botánico de la ciudad. En esta residencia explore el texto (LEAR) desde la perspectiva estética de un “ freak show” (Circo de fenomenos).

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