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Written by internationally acclaimed writer Angie Farrow. Working on The River was a great learning experience. The project reinforced in me the idea that the director has multiple roles: sometimes you are a facilitator, at other times your journey becomes more spiritual as if you are part of a healing process. Then there is the role of the provocateur, in this case to examine the current issues connected to the waters in New Zealand and our responsibility in relationship to our natural resources.

In terms of crafting, the production provided me with a great playground to explore and experiment with concepts like scale: how to shift from an infinitely big universe to the beauty of the micro crystals in water.

Director: Jaime Dörner

Costume Design: Claire New

Set Design: Ian Hummond

Projection Design: Rowan Pierce

Music Composition: Suzy Hawes


“Overall though, the play has an epic feel. Its success is partly due to the balanced way all sides to the river debate are cleverly incorporated… And like a river, the production, with its many tributaries coming together, flows. This is a tribute to the direction (Jaime Dorner), the performing ensemble and the production team who, even when it threatens to overflow its banks, keep an elaborate, multi-faceted full-length play under control and running true.” (http://www.theatreview.org.nz/reviews/review.php?id=4337)




Escrita por Angie Farrow. El montaje reafirmó mi convicción que como director cumplo múltiples roles; aveces tu facilitas el espacio para la creación, en otros proyectos el viaje se vuelve más espiritual, casi como tomando parte en un proceso de sanción y por supuesto está el rol del provocador, en este caso el de examinar la problemática de las aguas en Nueva Zelanda y nuestra responsabilidad en relación con nuestros recursos naturales.

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