e l m a c h o is an autoethnographic performance which deals with the concept of masculinity, and macho to be more specific, from both the academic literature and autobiographical point of view. e l   m a c h o performance should be seen as a question or even as a trigger for a dialogue, but certainly not as an answer.


 what is a macho?

E l m a c h o performance is built upon the metaphor of masculinity as a muscle, which comes from the phonetic similarities between the Latin word masculus, etymological origin of macho, and the Spanish word for muscle músculo. I am exploring the idea of masculinity as a training we are taught and which we imitate by looking at our peers, as a muscle we develop, exhibit and/or conceal, depending on the social context. On one hand, I see masculinity as a training that subjugates the individual and transforms the body by making our Self to conform to the sociocultural stereotypes of gender, namely the “stylization of the body”, using Butler’s concept. On the other hand, I see masculinity as a training that offers us a way through this subjugation of coping with and fitting in our context.